Top 15 Trendiest Tent Ideas to Celebrate in Style

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Holding an event or a birthday party typically entails a lot of preparation. It can be held indoors or can also be an outdoor event. Having a big event outdoors can be more complicated because you have a lot of things to consider.

1. Number of Guests

Are you having an intimate celebration with only the closest relatives and friends around? Or will you be holding a big event with more than a hundred guests? These things need to be considered for you to choose the right type of tent to use.

You cannot be able to fit in a hundred guests, food, and entertainment in a 30-inch yurt. You might be better off with a large pole or sailcloth tents. It wouldn’t be pleasant either if you have a large-sized tent when the guests are only 50 or less. Your guests will not be able to interact with other guests appropriately if that is the case.

2. Bugs

Being outdoors makes you more vulnerable to mosquitos, flies, ants, and other bugs flying around. It would help to know that your centerpieces will be made of citronella candles and flowers that insects despise. These will keep the bugs from flying around and biting people who are just there to enjoy the fun of a wedding party.

3. Food

Taking care of food outdoors involves higher risks than when you have your event indoors. You may need a cooler pack and more ice for your food to stay fresh. It is also a better idea if you will have fabric food covers to keep the birds, bugs, and other insects away from your lunch or dinner. Remember to choose food that does not easily get spoiled for any outdoor parties.

4. Weather

The weather is sunny and pleasant when you started at the party. But it is possible for a change in weather to happen in an instant. It would be fantastic if you are ready for any change in weather and temperature when having an outdoor event. If you know that rain would come, a wedding tent with walls might be better off than a canopy one. If the weather is too hot, ask for air coolers in the tent to make guests more comfortable.

5. Type of Tent to Use

All factors considered, it is time for you to decide what type of tent will be appropriate for your event. The size, type of event, party decorations, twinkle lights, and entertainment are just some of the things you need to think about.

To guide you in deciding what kind of event tents you will be needing, below are the types you can use for any occasions:

Pole Tent

The pole tent is one of the most popular types of tents, which is ideal for any occasion. This type of tent comes in various sizes with high peaks. It makes it suitable for a big day event like a wedding, fundraising activity, corporate, or a graduation party. One of its downsides is the obstructed view caused by the center poles that support this party tent. You will also need a large area built with grass to set-up such a tent type.

Frame Tent

The frame tent can be installed on grass, pavements, concretes, decks, or patios. Unlike the pole tent, you don’t need to stake any pole on the soil to keep the tent up. And since there is no pole built in the middle, guests have a clear view without any central shaft distractions. You can also have different shapes for the frame tent. You can have it set-up as an L-shaped or T-shaped tent. It also requires large areas to accommodate the total size of the frame tent. These tents are an excellent choice for various events, including birthday garden party, baby shower, public engagements, corporate events, and garden weddings.

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth tent has sculpted peaks and commonly uses lightweight and translucent fabric to take advantage of the sunlight during day time. This tent is available in both pole and frame types. It is round in the ends using wood poles for support.

Tent with Sidewalls

Tent with sidewalls is ideal if you are going to use the canvas for a more extended period. A sidewall tent does not have a center pole and usually uses aluminum frames for strength and durability. It is more resistant to wind and can accommodate the installation of an air cooler or heater to control the temperature.

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is often used during summer events, festivals, wedding reception, and shows. Typically associated with English country outdoor wedding and celebration, it has gable ends and is supported by king poles, side poles, and stakes. These different poles and takes give the event tents a unique shape.

Clear or Transparent Tent

Clear tents are commonly used to exude elegance during parties and special events. The transparent material offers brightness coming from the natural ray of the sun and gives an intimate moment at night. You get an unobstructed sight of the surrounding at daytime and a perfect view of the bright stars at night.

Canopy Tent

A canopy tent is often used for flea markets, community day events, and other public events with large crowds. This type of tent is utilized for its functionality more than its aesthetic value. With its lightweight material, its purpose is to shelter guests from sunshine and water drizzle. However, you might want to get a stronger party tent if you expect heavy winds or rainfall.

Concession Tent

Concession tents are DIY tents for outdoor functions like booths, trade, and educational fairs that can be easily set-up and dismantled. They can also be used during event registrations, product reviews, or outdoor fun games. You can also have this outdoor tent customized with desired prints and designs.

Carnival Tent

A carnival tent is ideal for a kid’s birthday party. With its red and white stripes, children will have an authentic carnival feel during an outdoor party. You can put food machines and carnival games to add more fun to your carnival tent decorating ideas.

Teepee Tent

Teepee tents are used for a slumber birthday party. You can have it indoors or outdoors on your patio or port. It is easy to build, and you can have DIY teepee tents incorporating your party ideas.


A yurt is a circular and portable tent with flexible poles and covered by pelt or fabric. It looks like an enclosed gazebo. Yurt can be used for a unique wedding day, birthday celebration, baby shower, or any other occasion needing a sturdy tent.

Whatever type of tent you might decide to use, here are tent decoration ideas you can use if you are already for the next party.

Top 15 Tent Decorations for Parties and Events

1. Brandish a Pleasant Entrance

The tent’s entrance is the first thing that grabs people’s attention when attending any event. You will be able to set the right tone for your party by making a one-of-a-kind tent entrance.

You might want to use floral decorations or a colorful drape to catch every guest’s attention. Or, you can have a Moroccan-inspired tent entrance if you are having a themed party. Any other themed-inspired tent entrance can be used for a birthday party, baby shower, corporate events, and wedding venue.

2. Choose Suitable Centerpieces

There are so many materials which you can use as centerpieces for your tables during events. They sometimes do not only serve as decorations but also have a purpose. You can use citronella candles or insect repellant plants to drive away unwanted bugs and mosquitos.

You might also want to go high with your colorful centerpieces. Aside from making them more apparent, they can likewise avoid any white tent from looking dull and flat.

3. Brighten the Night with Lights

For parties and events that will last until night time, hanging a big chandelier at the center will never be a bad idea. Aside from making your wedding decorations chic, it gives the illumination you will need when it gets dark.

Tent decorations for wedding, birthday and graduation parties are made even brighter by putting strands of fairy lights. These string lights swaying around the tent can give a dreamy and fantasy-like ambiance to any event.

For a more intimate event, you might want your guests to participate by lighting up and letting a paper lantern go up into the sky. This tradition remains to be a delightful and romantic thing you can do to celebrate a big event with your guests.

4. Use Draperies

Draping is one of the cheapest but most elegant ways of adding glamour to the interior of any tent. You can combine the drapes with your chandelier or string lights for added style. It will attract the attention of every guest up to the ceiling of your tent. It is one of the simple wedding ideas, but very stylish.

For a birthday party, graduation day, or baby shower, you can add colors to the drapes, depending on the color motif and that of your table cloth.

5. Bring Green Colors Inside

Being one with nature is the ultimate goal of having your party outdoors. Thus, adding natural elements into your tent decorations will give an environmental touch to your outdoor wedding or event.

One of the ecological wedding ideas is wrapping the poles of the tent with ornamental trailing plants. It helps make the poles less noticeable. You can even put plants side by side, the hanging lights bringing brightness and calmness together. Or if you want the attention of everybody, put an opulent tree beside your table, and it won’t be left unnoticed.

You may also use wild, colorful flowers and ornamental plants to give your guests a feeling of being one with nature. Bringing the greenery inside can make any wedding reception serene and divine.

6. Use Real Fruits for Ornaments

Hang real fruits on to the ceiling and in every corner of your tent for a natural look. These fresh fruits will look surprisingly good in your photos. Plus, you can ask the guests to pick these fruits by the end of the event. Guests, young and old alike, will enjoy this simple act of using their bare hands to collect the hanging fruits just like in real greenery.

7. Create a Living Room

Never forget to provide a space for entertainment as part of your wedding decorations. When the night gets dull, live music and performances just might break the ice. Ensure that the area for the orchestra or wedding band, whichever suits you, is large enough to avoid overcrowding.

8. Have a Room for Entertainment

Never forget to provide a space for entertainment as part of your wedding decorations. When the night gets dull, live music and performances just might break the ice. Ensure that the space for the orchestra or wedding band, whichever suits you, is large enough to avoid overcrowding.

9. Make a Space for Dancing

If you have a live band, then there is music, and ultimately, there will be dancing. A dance floor will always come with entertainment, so make sure you have enough room in your tent for one. It may be one of the best wedding ideas you will have for your tent. A dance floor is usually for weddings, parties, and corporate events. It will surely keep your guests entertained and less bored in any event.

10. Prepare for Unforeseen Weather Conditions

Weather is unpredictable. One moment it can be sunny, and a moment later, light rain starts to fall. Arm yourself with the right tent for a wedding, birthday, corporate party, or baby shower. Get a tent with draping, which you can put up or down depending on the circumstances. Leave it open to let the gentle breeze through, or pull it down to prevent the rain from coming in.

11. Take advantage of the natural light and surrounding

You can transform a clear tent into a natural canvass wherein you can see the beauty of your surroundings. The sunshine will reflect through the transparent material of the canvas giving everyone a natural glowing backdrop. The beautiful landscape around the tent can become the decoration itself during any event. At night time, you will be able to see and dance under the moonlight.

12. Display an Exquisite Exterior

It is not only the interior of your tent that is important, but also its outer part. Adding color to a plain white tent canvas will give life to a party. You can also use colored draperies to break the monotonous tone of the tent’s exterior.

13. Let the Air Flow

Sheer draping will make any wedding event as stylish and elegant as possible. Pulling-up the draping will allow the wind to blow freely into the venue, making your guests comfortable with the cool breeze. You can add string lights and small chandeliers to the draperies for added spark at night.

14. Have a Tent for Cake Cutting

It might take a bit more space, but having a separate cake-cutting tent will make your wedding event more intimate. Separating the reception area from where the cake is will show the importance of the main event of the night.

15. Swing the Blues Away

Installing swings inside the tent will not only make a tent look remarkable, but it will also keep the children busy. For adults, it will be the perfect spot to take the best photo of the day.

Why You Should Use Tents?

Outdoor event and wedding planning is more complicated than you think. The tent’s size, height, and quality of the material are just a few of the considerations of event organizers.

These are the things that you will not need to worry about if you have your party in a regular function room.

Getting the best ideas for events, parties, or wedding decorations is always a challenge for everyone. However, holding your party outdoors has its advantages. Aside from the various wedding ideas and party bunting you can set-up, there is the freedom of space.

Large crowds and numerous guests are usually hard to fit in a room. But, a big group of people can be easily accommodated outdoors. You can extend a simple gazebo by using a tent. Plus, there is a lesser possibility of anything getting broken when kids are around.

Why Rent a Tent for Your Next Party?

Tents are great for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and even backyard barbecues to keep guests comfortable. Renting a tent is absolutely perfect for parties, here why.

Pros of Tent Rentals

  • Party tent rentals cost less than buying a new one. Party tent rental costs may vary from $500 – $1,500 per day, depending on the size.
  • There will be less effort to search for the best tent for you since the rental companies will know what you need. You just have to provide the number of guests, the occasions, and other details, and the chosen event rentals will do the rest.
  • Setting-up and putting-down the tent will not be your problem anymore. The tent rental company will do everything for you, from putting up the tent, arranging chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, and decorating. It also includes the dismantling and packing after the event.
  • It is easy to find rental companies. You can google search for one, and you will be open to a lot of choices.


Holding an outdoor party can be both a challenge and fun. It gives you a unique experience and freedom to enjoy the beauty of nature. A well-decorated tent can convert any flat area into an elegant, fun, and exciting venue. Selecting the proper tent type, size, height, and material will ensure the success of any event.

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